Banu Altay - Sia Moore

Architect Banu Altay - Sia Moore

Our Architecture Accessories brand Sia Moore | Studio was born within Sia Moore, who has been specializing in architectural project service around the world since 2009.

Sia Moore - Mondrian Doha

Our knowledge and experience of architectural project, Sia Moore | With our Studio brand, we transfer our passion for accessories and products.

Sia Moore - Mondrian Doha

We bring a brand new breath to your living spaces with our special furniture, accessories, home textile and lighting collections where architecture meets design.

Sia Moore - Mondrian Doha

Sia Moore has been interpreting the story of timelessness in her designs with her artistic perspective since 2009…

Sia Moore - Mondrian Doha

Founded by Architect Banu Altay in 2009, Sia Moore has served many top-level companies and private individuals as an international brand and has successfully completed the consultancy, architectural and interior design projects, design and implementation of buildings with different architectural characteristics worldwide.

Sia Moore

It specializes in projects of different scales such as Private Palaces, Mansions, Parliament Buildings, Hotels and Social Spaces. While reconstructing our contemporary culture, it dreams and realizes the authenticization of the design and the transcendence of time by creating functional and aesthetic interiors with sophisticated touches in architecture.

Sia Moore

Why Sia Moore?

We are dreams!

We dream not only the present but the future.

We are original!

We create timeless designs uniquely.

We are universal!

We add art to our lives by blending different cultures.

We are innovative!

We are sensitive to change and innovations brought by time.

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Sia Moore Architecture Interior Design

Address: Caddebostan Mah.Kantarcı Rıza Sok. No: 2, D: 19

34728 Kadikoy / Istanbul - Turkey

Phone: +90 216 688 55 10