MATTER 1 Seller Information



Sia Moore Studio (Sia Moore Mimarlık Dekorasyon ve İnşaat Sanayi Dış Ticaret Ltd.Şti. (Hereinafter referred to as "SİA MOORE STUDIO" or "SELLER")



Caddebostan Mah. Kantarcı Rıza Sokak No: 2 34728 Kadıköy / İstanbul



+ 90 216 688 55 01 / 10

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Sia Moore Architecture Decoration and Cons. Singing. Foreign Trade. Ltd. Şti.

Caddebostan Mah. Kantarcı Rıza Sokak No: 2 34728 Kadıköy / İstanbul

ARTICLE 2 Receiver informations

Name and surname








ARTICLE 3 topic

The subject of this Preliminary Information Form ("Form") is related to the sale and delivery of the Products ("Products"), whose qualities and sales prices are specified below, and the Law on the Protection of Consumers No.6502 and the Distance Education Form published in the Official Gazette No. Informing in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation on Contracts.


ARTICLE 4 Basic Features and Payment Information of the Goods Subject to Sale

4.1. Information on the definition, unit amount, number and payment conditions of the Products are as stated in the Preliminary Information Form and approved by the Buyer.

4.2. Shipping costs within the borders of Turkey or delivery fee is payable by the seller still pays the seller in return cargo when shipped by a courier company contracted by sellers, buyers belong to different shipping companies charge when selected. used in submissions outside the borders of Turkey - used to belong to refund shipping charges to the recipient.  


ARTICLE 5 Duration of Commitments

The prices specified in Article 4.1 are the sales prices. The announced prices and promises are valid until they are updated and changed. The prices announced periodically are valid until the end of the specified period.

ARTICLE 6 General provisions

6.1 The BUYER shall inform the BUYER that the basic characteristics of the product subject to the contract, the sales price and payment method including all taxes, and the delivery and the costs thereof shall be borne by the BUYER, the duration of the delivery and the full trade name, full address and contact information of the SELLER. declares that he has read the information and has the information and gives the necessary confirmation electronically.

6.2 The SELLER is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages that may arise due to breach of contract, tort, or other reasons due to the use of the Website or mobile application and other data and programs. SELLER, as a result of breach of contract, tort, negligence or other reasons; It does not accept any responsibility for the interruption of the transaction, error, negligence, interruption, deletion, loss, delay of the transaction or communication, computer virus, malfunctions in telecommunication lines, communication failure, theft, destruction or unauthorized entry, change or use of the records.

6.3 The SELLER reserves the right to change, reorganize and cease broadcasting any service, product, terms of use and information provided on the Website and / or Mobile Application without prior notice. The changes take effect on the website and / or the Mobile Application on the date of publication. The Company recommends the BUYER to visit the legal warning page each time they enter the Website and / or the Mobile Application. These conditions are also valid for other linked websites.

6.4 The Website and Mobile Application may contain links or references to other websites that are not under the control of the SELLER. The SELLER is not responsible for the content of these sites or any other links they contain.

6.5 The SELLER, the general view and design of the Website and the Mobile Application, and all the information, pictures, all kinds of brands, Website domain names, logos, icons, demonstrative, written, electronic, graphic or machine readable on the Website and the Mobile Application. It is the owner or licensee of all materials ("Materials"), including technical data, computer software, applied sales system, business method and business model, and the related intellectual and industrial property rights, and the Materials are under legal protection. Any Material on the Website and / or Mobile Application; It may not be modified, copied, reproduced, translated into another language, republished, installed on another computer, posted, transmitted, presented or distributed, including code and software, without prior permission and reference. The whole or part of the Website and / or the Mobile Application cannot be used on another website or mobile application without permission. On the contrary, in case of detection of any situation, all other rights of the SELLER regarding legal and criminal liability that are not clearly stated here are reserved.

6.6 The personal information of the BUYER may only be disclosed to the official authorities if such information is requested by the official authorities and in cases where it is obliged to make a statement to the authorities in accordance with the provisions of the mandatory legislation in force.

6.7 Unless a special reason is specified from the date of the order, the product subject to the contract, the BUYER or the person / organization at the address indicated by the SELLER within the period specified in the preliminary information on the Website, depending on the distance of the BUYER's settlement for each product, provided that it does not exceed 30 days. It is delivered by the cargo company that has an agreement with. UPS Cargo is the contracted cargo company of the SELLER as of the approval date of this Agreement. Turkey borders of the province belongs to send the shipping charge sellers of all kinds for delivery in sales outside the borders of Turkey cargo / shipping, according to the current shipping conditions on shopping detailed manner, the invoice for the order "Shipping Charges" will be elaborated under your name.

6.8 The shipment information will be shared with the customer, as the delivery date may vary for special production products. In case of disruptions arising from the import process in imported products, the delivery time is also added and the new shipment date information will be shared with the customer. Moreover, this right of delay cannot be considered as a reason for termination or cancellation of the contract.

6.9 If the product (s) subject to the contract is to be delivered to another person / organization other than the BUYER, the SELLER cannot be held responsible for the refusal of the delivery person / organization and the damages that may arise therefrom.

6.10 The SELLER cannot be held responsible for any damages that may arise from the errors and negligence of the cargo company responsible for the shipment during the delivery of the product (s) to the BUYER and / or their inability to be delivered to the BUYER. The Buyer is obliged to check the Products as soon as he receives them and to report the defects, if any, to the Seller by recording the defects, if any, with a report.

6.11 The SELLER is responsible for the delivery of the contractual product (s) in a sound, complete, in accordance with the qualifications specified in the order, and with warranty documents and user manuals, if any.

6.12 If the SELLER fails to fulfill the contractual obligations in the event that the fulfillment of the product or service subject to the order becomes impossible, the SELLER notifies the BUYER before the expiry of the performance obligation arising from the contract and may supply a different product of equal quality and price to the BUYER if it is in stock.

6.13 After the delivery of the product (s), the credit card, debit card, debit card and other payment systems offered on the Website and the Mobile Application are used unfairly or illegally by unauthorized persons, not due to the BUYER's fault. If the relevant bank or financial institution does not pay the price of the product to the SELLER, the BUYER must return the product to the SELLER within 3 (three) days, provided that it has been delivered to the SELLER. Otherwise, the BUYER accepts and undertakes that any legal action will be taken against him.

6.14 In the event that the product or service purchased by the BUYER is not in the stocks of the supplier company from which the SELLER receives the service and there is no equivalent product of equal quality and price, the SELLER reserves the right to refund the price paid by the BUYER.

6.15 If the SELLER cannot deliver the product subject to the contract within the due time due to force majeure or extraordinary circumstances such as adverse weather conditions that prevent transportation, it is obliged to inform the BUYER. In this case, if the BUYER cancels the order, the amount paid will be paid at once within 14 (fourteen) days in accordance with the payment instrument used when purchasing the product (s).

6.16 In the payments made by the BUYER by credit card, the product (s) amount is returned to the relevant bank within 14 (fourteen) days after the order is canceled by the BUYER. Since the reflection of this amount to the BUYER accounts after the return to the bank is completely related to the bank transaction process, the BUYER will not be able to intervene in any way for possible delays and the amount returned by the SELLER to the credit card by the bank may take an average of 2 to 3 weeks in advance. accepts.

6.17 The SELLER reserves the right to cancel the purchases that exceed the BUYER requirement on the Website. If the purchases exceed 3 (three) items in wholesale purchases exceeding the needs of the BUYER, the SELLER reserves the right to cancel the order completely or to send only 3 (three) items remaining within the retail purchase limit.

6.18 In the event that the transaction related to the relevant amount cannot be carried out due to 3 (three) incorrect password entry in the purchases made by the BUYER with credit card, the SELLER has the right to request all kinds of information and documents, including visual means to confirm the identity and credit card information, from the BUYER. has. In the event that these information and documents are not provided by the BUYER, are provided incompletely, or the information and documents provided do not match with the order information, the SELLER has the right to cancel the relevant order immediately and without any liability or compensation.

6.19 In the event that the product prices are written well below the market price, which will be understood by the average person to be a clear error, the SELLER has the right to cancel all orders placed according to this incorrect price. The BUYER agrees and declares that in such a case, it will not make any rights or demands due to a clear error.

6.20 No installments are made in "Cosmetic Products" according to the relevant regulation amendment of the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency published in the Official Gazette dated 10/3/2007 and numbered 26458, which entered into force.

ARTICLE 7 Right of Withdrawal

7.1 In distant contracts regarding the sale of goods, the Buyer may use the right to withdraw from the contract by refusing the goods within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of delivery of the Product to him or to the person / organization at the address indicated, without any legal or criminal liability and without any justification. In determining the period of right of withdrawal; a) For goods that are subject to a single order and delivered separately, the day the consumer or the third party designated by the consumer receives the final product, b) For goods consisting of more than one piece, the day the consumer or the third party designated by the consumer receives the last part, c) A specific In contracts where the goods are delivered regularly throughout the period, the day when the consumer or the third party designated by the consumer receives the first goods.

7.2 The Buyer, within a period of 14 (fourteen) days, may send a notification of withdrawal from the Seller's address specified in Article 1 via registered mail, electronic mail or Call Center Number. As of this notification, the Seller can contact the Buyer and get the product from the Buyer. But; If the Seller does not make an offer to the Buyer in this direction, the Buyer has to send the purchased product within 10 (ten) days from the date of withdrawal to the address of the Seller specified in Article 1.

7.3 In order to be able to carry out the return process, the relevant parts of the invoice sent to the Buyer with a return section must be filled in completely and sent to the Seller after signing.

7.4 The products to be returned must be delivered with their sellability, box, packaging and standard accessories, if any.

7.5 The Seller is obliged to return the total price (the sum of all the costs paid by the Buyer to the Seller by the Buyer) and the documents that put the Buyer under debt within 14 (fourteen) days at the latest from the receipt of the notice of withdrawal.

7.6 Right of revocation because of the returned product's shipping borne by the Seller within Turkey's borders, the borders of Turkey has started shipping in delivery outside the Buyer. After the Buyer uses his right of withdrawal and notifies the Seller in this regard, the Product subject to sale will be sent by the Seller via UPS cargo, which is the contracted cargo of the Seller. In this case, the Buyer will not have to pay the shipping cost. But; If the Buyer wants to return the product himself, in this case, he must send the product to the Seller with UPS Cargo, which is also the contracted cargo of the Seller. Otherwise, the Buyer is obliged to pay the shipping cost. But; In the event that UPS Cargo does not have a branch in the place of residence of the Buyer, the Seller cannot request a shipping fee from the Buyer.

7.7 The decrease in the value of the delivered goods or the existence of a reason that makes it impossible to return does not prevent the exercise of the right of withdrawal. However, if the depreciation or the impossibility of return is due to the consumer's fault, the Seller must compensate the value or decrease in the value of the goods.


ARTICLE 8 Products That Cannot Be Used To Withdraw

Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, the consumer cannot use the right of withdrawal in the following contracts,

  1. a) It is not possible to return or exchange special production products prepared in line with the consumer's wishes, except in defective cases. The right of withdrawal cannot be exercised in these products.
  2. b) Contracts for goods prepared in line with the consumer's wishes or personal needs.
  3. c) Contracts for the delivery of perishable or expired goods.
  4. d) Of the goods whose protective elements such as packaging, tape, seal, package have been opened after delivery; Contracts for the delivery of those whose return is not suitable for health and hygiene.
  5. e) Contracts for goods that are mixed with other products after delivery and cannot be separated by their nature.
  6. f) Contracts for books, digital content and computer consumables provided in the material environment if the protective elements such as packaging, tape, seal, package are opened after the delivery of the goods.
  7. g) Contracts for the delivery of periodicals such as newspapers and magazines other than those provided under the subscription agreement.
  8. h) Contracts for services performed immediately in electronic environment or for intangible goods delivered immediately to consumers.
  9. i) Contracts regarding the services started with the approval of the consumer before the right of withdrawal expires.


ARTICLE 9 Complaints and Solution Methods

The Buyer may forward all suggestions and complaints regarding the goods or services subject to sale to the Seller from the Call Center Number and e-mail address of the Seller specified in Article 1. The seller aims to resolve the problem by examining all kinds of complaints and suggestions submitted by the Buyer within the legal limits. All rights of the parties arising from the Law and related regulations are reserved.


ARTICLE 10 Authorized court

The seller can apply for complaints and objections to the arbitral tribunal or consumer court for consumer problems in the place where the goods or services are purchased within the monetary limits set by the Ministry of Customs and Industry in December each year or where they are domiciled.


ARTICLE 12 Other Provisions

The Buyer declares that he / she accepts this Preliminary Information Form and the terms and information of the Distance Sales Agreement electronically.