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Round Cream Wicker Basket Set of 3

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Round Cream Wicker Basket Set of 3

Wicker baskets are among the rising decoration trends of recent times with their bohemian aesthetics and organizational features. With the cream band detail and elaborate handwork knitting technique, you can choose the Round Straw Basket 3-Set as a stylish decorative solution in your living spaces, and also use it as an 'organizer'.

With three different size options, you can create stylish and at the same time regular corners that reflect the minimal style in your home, office and workplaces.

You can put your magazines, books or flower pot vases in the Round Wicker Basket 3-Set, which will allow you to create a unique style in your living spaces; If you wish, you can store your shawl, knitting and hobby materials.

Product sizes:

Big Y: 30 cm ∅: 28 cm

Middle Y: 25 cm ∅: 23 cm

Small Y: 22 cm ∅: 19 cm

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