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Decorative Artificial Lavender 5-Bundle

SKU: SMS.015.027

159 TL

Decorative Artificial Lavender 5-Bundle

Inspired by the French gardens, the Decorative Artificial Lavender Plant brings the elegant and delicate colors of spring to your interiors. If you wish, you can use this artificial plant, which will keep the unique appearance of the lavender flower in your home, as a decorative object. The product creates a minimal and quality impression with its characteristic style.

It is a stylishly designed decorative flower that you can use in every corner of your home and add a different aesthetic to where it is located. It creates a very strong sense of reality in the vase in which it is located.

Decorative Artificial Lavender Plant sold as five branches; It is one of the right choices that can be used to provide visual richness while decorating your bookcases, dresuars and coffee tables. Designed for you without losing its natural appearance despite being artificial, this duo will be the most beautiful part of your decoration with its first-day stance for many years.

Product sizes:

H: 36 cm

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