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Lion Figured Lampshade

SKU: SMS.004.086

1,225 TL 1,750 TL

Lion Figured Lampshade

With its fine details and dynamic lion figured sculpture piece, this lampshade will be a great choice for those who want to reflect its eye-catching effect to interior decoration.

The nobility of black, the professional aging workmanship of the animal figure and the gold detail in the interior detail will illuminate your place during the day.

This product, which acts as a decorative object, sculpture and lighting, can take its place as a symbol of power in your workplaces as one of your favorite pieces.

This product, which you can use both in your console and coffee tables, in your office work areas and shelves, and on your bedside, will lead your modern and classic designs.

Product sizes:

W: 40.5cm D: 20cm H: 47cm

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