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Mirror Detailed Antique Cube Frame

SKU: SMS.001.001b

799 TL 999 TL

Mirror Detailed Antique Cube Frame

You can add an eye-catching elegance to your spaces with this Mirror Detailed Antique Cube Frame that will create privilege on your walls. You can add a strong aesthetic look to your interior decoration with the frame, which is inspired by the magnificent harmony of the golden color and the mirror. You can create an artistic touch with a frame that has an elegant design and is evident with a poster with a cube drawing made with glass printing technique inspired by Ancient Greek Art.

You can use it by hanging or leaning against the wall on your furniture in your home, office and all places. If you hang it on the wall, you can use it behind your furniture such as a dining table, armchair or console; You can evaluate it on your work desk.

You can easily decorate your spaces with living or non-living large green plants or with a stylish mirror.

Product Dimensions: W: 50 cm H: 70 cm

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