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Copper Cover Nickel Storage Box Set

SKU: SMS.004.130

778 TL 819 TL

Copper Cover Nickel Storage Box Set

Thanks to the copper detail on the cover of the nickel storage box set designed in two different sizes, it will be a stylish countertop decoration product.

This product, in which you can safely store your food for a long time while completing the elegance of your kitchen, is very durable and will provide great convenience in the storage of kitchen needs thanks to its functional structure. The inscription details on the products add a sympathetic touch to the unique appearance of the products.

By using this set, which will add an extraordinary look to your kitchens, you can have an effortless and high quality arrangement view away from ordinary looks.

Product sizes:

Large: W: 18 cm H: 25 cm D: 18 cm

Small: W: 18 cm H: 12.5 cm D: 18 cm

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