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Bamboo Effect Silver Lantern Set

SKU: SMS.004.003

2,299 TL 2,399 TL

Bamboo Effect Silver Lantern Set

We know that lanterns, which are among the indispensable objects for decoration lovers, create a different atmosphere for each space. The bamboo-looking silver lantern proves to us that it has a different and modern design with its details and workmanship.

Thanks to this detail, which adds a minimalist touch to its magnificent appearance with its glass candle holder, it gains an added value in terms of functionality and completes its elegant design.

This stylish lantern, which you can easily use in living spaces such as living rooms, kitchens, study rooms, bedrooms indoors, will also suit your balconies and gardens outdoors.


Product sizes:

Ø: 29 cm H: 60 cm

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