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Decorative Book Box

SKU: SMS.001.015a

67.50 TL 75 TL

Decorative Book Box

While adding an aesthetic look to your living spaces with its design, you can add color to your decoration with the book box that you can use as a stylish 'organizer' to organize your belongings. It is made of hard cardboard and covered with digital printing paper. You can create functional and stylish corners with different color alternatives and reflect your original style.

You can choose Decorative Book Box with dark tones or soft tones. It can integrate with decorative objects; you can easily provide combination in your spaces ..

You can use it on your coffee table, dresser, bookcase and coffee table; You can create a lively energy with mini pots with artificial plants that you will put next to them.

Product sizes:

W: 28 cm H: 4 cm D: 20 cm

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