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Natural Fringed Decorative Mirror

SKU: SMS.028.001

152 TL 169 TL

Natural Fringed Decorative Mirror

You can decorate your home with raffia, where you will feel the warmth of the texture of natural fibers in your living spaces. It will provide a bohemian and natural look to your interiors. The mirror set is made of 100% natural raffia with fine hand workmanship. Thanks to the circle form that adapts to every style, you can create a stylish and sympathetic effect in your spaces.

Natural Fringed Decorative Mirror will allow you to create a unique style in home, office and all places; In addition to being compatible with every color, this set, which you can combine with earth tones, will change the atmosphere of its environment.

If you wish, you can easily decorate the mirror set, which you can use in separate decorations, by hanging it on the wall on the dresser, bed or coffee table.

Product sizes:

Big ∅: 50 cm

Medium Ø: 40 cm

Small ∅: 30 cm

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