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Butterfly Patterned 3-Box Set

SKU: SMS.027.002

170 TL 189 TL

Butterfly Patterned 3-Box Set

While the box set adds energy to your living spaces with its patterns, it is a product that you can use as an organizer thanks to its collecting feature and will help you create a tidy look in your home. It is made with digital printing technique on hard cardboard. It can be used in all areas with different length alternatives; You can create a stylish decoration with its vibrant colors while removing the items you do not want to see.

It can be combined in your home, office and all places; If you wish, you can use it as a library, desk or as an aid to your interior layout. Thanks to its natural colors, you can reflect your unique style with wooden tones, cream or anthracite.

Product sizes:

Large Size: H: 22 cm W: 29 cm D: 12 cm

Medium Size: H: 18 cm W: 25 cm D: 10 cm

Small Size: H: 14 cm W: 20 cm D: 8 cm

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