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Louvre Museum Black Framed Painting

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Louvre Museum Black Framed Painting

The Louvre Museum, one of the most impressive places and museums in the world, located in the Louvre Palace in Paris, the capital of France, has been recorded as the world's largest museum with the material and spiritual values of the works in its collection and the area it covers.

Containing the works of artists such as Michelangelo, Raphael, Carracci, Leonardo De Vinci, Rosso, Primaticcio; This museum, which includes masterpieces such as Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo and Saint Jean Baptiste, has become a center of attraction in terms of the architectural features it carries.

With this unique painting that will create privilege on your walls, you will add an artistic and architectural touch to your living spaces while decorating your interiors. In addition to the wonderful harmony of black and white, while its visual detail adds a characteristic line to the product; It will help you customize your areas such as entrance hall, corridor, lounge and study room.

You can use it in your home, office and all other living areas by hanging it or leaning it against the wall on the floor. You can decorate your space with large green plants, living or non-living, and you can use a combination of tables, console or bench in front of the table if you hang it on the wall.


Product sizes:

W: 90 cm H: 120 cm

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