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Macrame Knit Bohemian Chandelier

SKU: SMS.034.001

759 TL 799 TL

Macrame Knit Bohemian Chandelier

Macromes, an indispensable part of bohemian decoration that draws its strength from motifs, colors and irregularity, are among the trends of recent times. The chandelier made with the knotting technique is made of 100% cotton yarn. You can achieve a natural effect in your spaces with the elegant knitting details carefully processed on the metal chandelier frame.

You can reflect your unique style by combining with earth tones in the living room, entrance hall or bedroom. Tassel details will help you add movement to your living spaces.

Cream color yarn that you can combine easily; It can also decorate with pastel shades such as cinnamon, brown, mustard, powder color; you can provide a stylish look.

Product sizes:

∅: 40 cm

∅: 70 cm

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