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Picasso Porcelain Vase Set

SKU: SMS.004.103

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Picasso Porcelain Vase Set

The "Picasso Porcelain Vase Set", in which the works of Pablo Picasso are interpreted together with the unique harmony of orange and green, is one of the most eye-catching and iconic accessories that should be found in your interiors. This porcelain set, which you can use in every place, will add an artistic value to your living spaces as well as vases and decorative objects. While the positivity of the colors and the naivety of the art work create a great harmony with porcelain, it will be up to you to enjoy the spaces decorated with this set. You can use this wonderful set as a decorative object on your shelves or in your library, or add magic touches by crowning it with plants on a coffee table.

Product sizes:

Large: W: 14.5 cm H: 32 cm D: 14.5 cm

Small: W: 14 cm H: 24.5 cm D: 14 cm

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