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Brass Candle Extinguisher

SKU: SMS.029.004

236 TL 249 TL

Brass Candle Extinguisher 

Brass candle extinguisher, which attracts attention with its aesthetic design, will help you add a stylish elegance to your delhi decoration. It is a product that you can easily combine in your living spaces with its minimal appearance and gold color. Thanks to its ease of use, you can easily blow out your candles. It is made of pure brass and maintains its quality for many years.

It can provide effective touches in your home, office and all your spaces; You can get a stylish look with off-white, anthracite and earth tones. When used with brass objects, you can create an eye-catching decoration.

With Brass Candle Extinguisher, it will allow you to create a unique style in your coffee table, dresser and library. With its design, it will raise the aesthetic perception in its environment.

Product sizes:

W: 26 cm

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