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Green Pineapple Decorative Set

SKU: SMS.004.085

319 TL 399 TL

Green Pineapple Decorative Set

With its unique air and black green color harmony, ceramic 3-green pineapple decorative series will add a flawless elegance to your home, office and interiors.

This set, which is a whole in itself, will complete your decoration with 2 options that you can use both as a decorative object and as a vase, and a pedestal candle holder product that will add a great look to your tealight candles.

Prepared with the combination of the tropical atmosphere of the pineapple fruit and the concrete image, which is one of the most preferred materials of modern design, this set will suit every style.

Product sizes:

Big: Ø: 24cm H: 14cm

Small: Ø: 21cm H: 21cm

Candle holder: Ø: 16cm H: 24cm

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